Summer 2020

Pinnacle is a competitive collegiate hackathon where the world's top 200 hackers get together in San Francisco for 36 hours. Unlike a traditional hackathon, Pinnacle invites 4 winners from each of the world's top 50 collegiate hackathons to compete in an epic tournament-styled hackathon.

Pinnacle is postponed until 2021. However, we're hosting 3 virtual mini-events this summer, all of which are unique qualifiers for Pinnacle 2021.

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Race to the peak
in Pinnacle's first ever
virtual event.


Everest is essentially a hackathon with a loose prompt (for example: build a Chat Bot). The prompt will be announced at the opening ceremony of Everest. For 3 days, work with a team of peers to create a product, and in the process, learn valuable skills that will transfer over to your career. With monetary prizes and tickets to Pinnacle on the line, you won't want to miss this one.


Choose your path,
and unleash your


Fuji is our unique take on a hackathon with 3 specific genres for hackers to commit to. Each track will contain a prompt to stimulate your creativity in that genre (i.e., UI design, game development, etc). We will announce the different genres and their corresponding prompts prior to the event so each hacker can choose their specific route.


Ascend to the top in Pinnacle's ultimate CTF.


Olympus is our vision for an ultimate CTF experience, brought to you by our participating hackathon events. Work in small teams to solve questions in many categories of computer science, collecting points in a race to the top. May the best hacker win, with prizes including tickets to Pinnacle 2021. Details will be announced soon!